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Economic Substance Regulation

(ESR) is a set of regulations introduced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to ensure that companies operating within the country’s jurisdiction are conducting substantive business activities. This regulation requires companies to demonstrate that they have sufficient economic activity in the UAE and that the profits they generate are in line with the level of activities performed in the country.

The ESR applies to all companies operating within the UAE, including those in free zones and those with a foreign parent company. It requires companies to have an adequate physical presence in the UAE, with appropriate staffing levels, infrastructure, and expenditure.

Our ESR service and its subservices include:

  • ESR Compliance and Reporting

a. We assist companies in understanding and complying with the ESR requirements and regulations

b. We provide support in preparing and submitting ESR reports to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)

  • ESR Advisory and Consultancy

a. We offer guidance on the ESR implications of a company’s business operations and activities

b. We provide recommendations on how to optimize the company’s operations to meet the ESR requirements

  • ESR Structuring and Planning

 We help companies to structure their operations in a manner that complies with the ESR regulations

We provide tax planning and risk management strategies to ensure ESR compliance

By choosing TGG as your ESR partner, you can rest assured that your company will be fully compliant with the ESR regulations and that your operations will be structured in a way that maximizes the benefits of operating in the UAE.

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