What we offer

VAT Advisory & Compliance

Complete service from VAT registration to return filing.

  • Appropriate discharging of Tax obligation
  • Early detection of incompliance leading to lesser fines
  • Compliance of Tax Law at source level itself
  • Compliance with applicable law
  • Establishes credibility of organization as tax Compliant
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In-Depth VAT Audit Analysis

Expert advice to deal with VAT audit preparation and enhancement of tax noncompliant areas.


Review of details submitted at the time of registration and timely payment of VAT along with filing of VAT returns


Detailed review of records retained by the Company from tax point of view and length of retention

Tax Position

Review of major tax positions adopted by the Company for its revenue and procurements


Assessment of IT system adopted by the Company from VAT perspective and its effectiveness to generate tax reports

Vat Return

Sample review of VAT returns filed till date including first VAT return covering transitional period

FTA Audit

Readiness review of the Company in the event of occurrence of FTA Audit

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Excise Tax

Continuous detailed assistance service for Excise Registration, understanding business module, and filling reviews.

Federal Tax Authority Representation

Dedicated Tax Agent experienced in managing FTA affairs such as Penalties Reconsideration, Tax Refund, Clarification & Disputes.

  • In depth-analysis of the documents base which tax position is adopted
  • Assisting the Company in drafting and filing the prescribed Clarification Form
  • Preparing formal letter to be submitted to the FTA with details of facts, legal references, technical views and the matter for consideration
  • Providing professional tax opinion on the matter involved to be attached along with other submissions to the FTA
  • Assisting the Company in compilation and submission of the necessary supporting documentation required to be submitted to the FTA in this regard
  • Assisting the Company in detailed representation to be submitted to the FTA for laying out rationale for claiming that the position adopted is correct
  • Follow up with the Authorities in connection with the matter
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Tax management framework (Internal control review)

  • Set Tax Strategy aligned to overall Company’s Strategy
  • Identify Tax Risks
  • Assess, Prioritize, & Plan Mitigation Actions
  • Key Controls & set up three lines of defense
  • Define Risk Types (5 Tax Risk Categories)
  • Agree & Communicate the Frame Work
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